Spider Control and Extermination in NJ

Action Termite and Pest Control is pleased to offer customers peace of mind, as Guardians of Your Environment. Spider Control is a major issue for New Jersey Residential and Commercial customers.

The poisonous nature of the spider bite is one of the major reasons to fear a spider infestation. Second only to snakes in their ability to be loathed by humans, most spider bites appear on the hands, arms or feet.

Spiders have two body regions connected by a restricted waist or pedicel. Spiders have eight legs and eight or fewer eyes.

Spiders are predators and require prey to survive. Spiders frequently stray into dwellings or other indoor habitats, or may be accidentally introduced on firewood, laundry hung out to dray and on flowers.

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Spiders can be very difficult to eliminate from your home or business because of the many hiding places they are attracted to . . . Many do-it-yourself sprays to rid your property of spiders simply do not work as well as the chemicals a pest control company like Action Termite and Pest Control has access to and how we professionally treat for them.  Over the counter products if misused or mixed improperly can be very dangerous to people, pets and/or plants.

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Spider Control in NJ
Spider Control – Protect Your Environment

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