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F&F Pest Control of NJ

F&F Pest and Termite Control is a leading pest control agency serving New Jersey (NJ) and Philadelphia. We help control all kinds of pests that can disrupt the peaceful life of our clients- ants, insects, birds, to name a few. Our strength lies in our enormous amount of experience in identifying pest and termite problems and coming up with customized control and treatment plans, using our proven and constantly updated pest control methods. We provide diagnostic evaluation, preventive pest and protective pest control. So, if you live anywhere in NJ – Camden County, Burlington County, Washington Township, Chester, to name a few locations that we service regularly—or Philadelphia, contact us to enjoy pest-free living.

Just because we control insects and rodents doesn’t mean we aren’t supporters of a safe, clean Earth for all creatures. Pest Control should be, and can be, practiced only to prevent threats to the health and safety of families, or for the protection of property, never jeopardizing non-target animals in natural habitats. To this end, we proudly support the World Wildlife Fund.

When it comes to hiring a termite and pest control company, F & F is the smart choice. Some of the reasons we tower over the competition include our memberships in the below organizations:

Industry Related Organizations:

National Pest Management Assoc., Inc. http://www.pestworld.com/

New Jersey Pest Management Association http://www.njpma.com/nj/

Builders League of South Jersey http://www.njpma.com/nj/

Proud member of the World Wildlife Fund http://www.worldwildlife.org/

We provide services throughout most of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania . Many services are geared to the specific needs of builders and general contractors, both small and large.

Company mission statement – to provide pest control services to the Builder, Homeowner, and Property Manager at the most cost effective, professional, and courteous manner available in our industry.

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