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Springtail Control

Springtails come out after rains, when abundant, springtails fall into swimming pools and enter homes in large numbers. In pools, waterproof hairs on the body help them float on the water surface,. Springtails also crawl up the sides of homes and enter through small gaps between bricks or around doors and windows.

Q:  What are Springtails?

A:  Certain springtail species are referred to as “snow fleas” when found in winter, but they are not fleas at all. Springtails are actually found year round, but because of a special protein that acts like anti-freeze, this type of springtail is able to survive in cold winter temperatures. Springtails don’t have wings, instead they get around by jumping, using a unique catapult system. Their jumping is especially noticeable in winter when they are contrasted against white snow. Although they do not bite like actual fleas, they are still a nuisance.

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