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Action Termite and Pest Control (Holmdel NJ) has been delivering superior Pest Control Services in Holmdel NJ since 1971.  Action utilizes the latest technology and chemical applications to eliminate pest infestations.

Pest Control Near Me? 

That’s right we offer the best solution for pest control in Holmdel NJ.

Most Notorious Pests in Holmdel NJ:

Geese Control and Repellant

A Non Lethal Approach to Managing Nuisance Avians

Canada Geese Problems include:

  • over-grazed lawns
  • accumulations of droppings and feathers on play areas and walkways
  • nutrient loading to ponds
  • public health concerns at beaches and drinking water supplies
  • aggressive behavior by nesting birds
  • safety hazards near roads and airports

Nuisance Canada Geese

 Canada geese are a valuable natural resource that provides recreation and enjoyment to bird watchers, hunters, and the general public. But in recent years, flocks of local-nesting or “resident” geese have become year-round inhabitants of our parks, waterways, residential areas, and golf courses. Too often, they cause significant problems.


Pest Identification Services – Need to identify a pest that has infiltrated your home or office?  Call 1-800-920-0906 or email us at info@actionpestcontrol.com to have an insect properly identified. Action’s resources enable us to identify NJ Insects and to provide you with a complete integrated pest management program to eliminate any infestations.


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