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Attention Tenants of Apartments!

If you are worried that you may have bed bugs, please contact your landlord directly to schedule a bed bug treatment.  If you prefer not to contact them then you may call Action with the landlord’s name and phone number and we will call them directly.  Your privacy is insured!  Call 800-920-0906.

Q:  Where do bed bugs hide?

A:  Bed bugs particularly like to hide in wood and fabric.  They hide in cracks and crevices, narrow spaces and voids in proximity to where humans sleep or rest such as: beds and bed frames, nightstands, dressers, desks, recliners and sofas.  Heavier infestations spread behind baseboards, in window and door casings, and other hiding places further from the bed including items attached to walls and ceilings, pictures, electrical switch plates, smoke detectors, loose wallpaper, in the pleats of drapes, and the upholstery of furniture.  Bed Bugs can be tough to eliminate.

Q:  What is the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs?

A:  When researching the most effective way to combat bed bugs, it is easy to see that everyone seems to have a different approach.  Nevertheless, the most effective bed bug control always seems to have several things in common;   the use of bed bug dogs to properly detect an infestation, the application of steam to ensure the killing of the bed bug’s egg stage, the proper application of chemicals in a variety of forms (fogging, dusting, and crack and crevice,) and perhaps the most important step is the preparations made by tenants prior to treatment.

The Effective Use of Bed Bug Dogs 

There is no absolute method in the detection of Bed Bugs to date.  The closest to an absolute can be found in the recent arrival of the bed bug inspection dogs . . . At a detection accuracy rate of 98%.   Bed Bug Dogs can inspect an average one bed room apartment in about 2 minutes.  Fast and Accurate, Bed Bug Dogs help save property managers money, by only having to treat units that have been inspected and found to have an infestation.  In the past, pest control companies would require the units adjacent and the units above and below the effected units.  That means for every one unit that has bed bugs, property managers were paying for 4 additional treatments.

Bed Bug Dogs have been trained by the best in the field to be hard workers and friend to man.  Nevertheless, a truly effective Bed Bug Dog must be trained daily, kept active and healthy, and be constantly aware of his/her objectives.

Bed Bug Dogs are not pets, they are an invaluable part of a bed bug control strategy, and as such are treated with the love and respect they deserve. Amazingly, they seem unerringly eager to do their jobs, finding an obvious sense of gratification in what they do, all the while needing only the praise and love of the handlers to fuel them forward.

Bed Bug Control and Canine Team Inspections

 Q:  What does a bed bug treatment consist of?

A:  Bed Bug Treatment – When an apartment, home, or office  is listed for treatment, Action will then perform an intensive treatment to each room that bed bugs have been found in by the bed bug dog inspection.  The treatment will consist of fogging then a residual spray to all cracks and crevices.  Dusting may be performed to wall voids as well as pipe and electrical areas that lead from room to room.  Steam treatments will be performed to the mattresses and furniture.  Steaming kills all stages of bed bugs including the egg stage.  After the steaming a residual pesticide will be used in these areas.

Before and after the treatment, the tenants must do a thorough vacuuming to the entire room.  Once the rooms are vacuumed all vacuum bags must be thrown out immediately.

Bed Bug Specialists” Philadelph ia Magazine

Congratulations to Philly Termite and Pest Control affiliate of Action Pest Control !

Philly Termite and Pest Control affiliate of Action Pest Control was featured in this month’s Philadelphia Magazine!

Special thanks to Steve Rozek, Branch Manager of Philly Termite and Pest Control affiliate of Action Pest Control for his participation.


Meanwhile, residents along the Main Line, in the northern suburbs and in Center City were calling in bedbug problems to exterminators at such a volume that in August, Terminix named Philadelphia the number-two city for bedbugs in the U.S., after New York. Around the same time, Action Termite and Pest Control, bedbug specialists run by the Russell brothers of New Jersey, were getting so many requests for treatment from Philly-area folks that they dispatched their nephew Steve Rozek and his bug-detecting Lab to live in Lower Bucks County. “We get a lot of calls from Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Villanova, all those towns,” says Rozek. He’s developed a technique for talking wealthy clients off a ledge: “We tell them that the bugs don’t discriminate,” he says. “A lot of people are dealing with this, and it’s going to take some time.”

“In Philly, we’ve treated hotels, colleges, theaters, yoga studios and stores,” adds Mike Russell of Philly Termite and Pest Control affiliate of Action Pest Control .

For the full article:  http://www.phillymag.com/articles/philly_s_bed_bug_problem/

Philly Termite and Pest Control affiliate of Action Pest Control Wins New & Innovative Award from AAGP

Philadelphia Property Managers Swarm Philly Termite and Pest Control affiliate of Action Pest Control Booth for Bed Bug Control Expertise

 Appearing in Photo: Steven Rozek, John Russell and Michael Russell accepting AAGP New & Innovative Award
Philly Termite and Pest Control affiliate of Action Pest Control is pleased to be honored by the Apartment Association of Greater Philadelphia at the AAGP 2010 Trade Show. Philly Termite and Pest Control affiliate of Action Pest Control received the New & Innovative Award for its booth's impact on the show.

In bright yellow and black with a wealth of expert information relating to bed bug dog inspections and bed bug control for Multi-Family Housing, Philly Termite and Pest Control affiliate of Action Pest Control attracts big crowds at the 2010 show. In addition to a highly visible booth, great giveaways, and a friendly staff, Philly Termite and Pest Control affiliate of Action Pest Control showcased the incredible talents of Sara the Bed Bug Dog.

"The AAGP 2010 Tradeshow was a great success for Philly Termite and Pest Control affiliate of Action Pest Control " commented John Russell, President. "The contacts we made in this well organized one day show have been astounding. The reception we received from the AAGP was warm and helpful. We look forward to many years of serving the AAGP Members and enjoying the hospitality of the AAGP staff. We are very proud to receive the New & Innovative Award from the AAGP and are pleased at the recognition for our technicians, office staff, sales staff, our incredible bed bug dogs, and to our marketing department."

Be Assured - Action Guarantees Our Work! Ask about our 90 Day Guarantee.
 ACCURATE PROVEN TRUSTED - A trained professional inspector will only detect visible signs of bed bugs in a room with an accuracy rate of only about 30%. To find activity inside walls, baseboards, even under carpets, a room would have to otherwise be stripped down beyond the bare walls! Due to a dog’s keen sense of smell, our trained dog can detect bed bugs even inside walls - with 90% accuracy, making his inspection a more thorough and accurate one. A more accurate detection means that if there is bed bug activity, our dog will be alerted to it and control measures can begin. Also note, no preps are needed prior to the dog.

Sara checks an apartment in Jersey City, N.J. Bed bugs have invaded city after city in the last four years,
leaving painful skin welts and pricey pest control bills from Boston to San Francisco.action_latimes02

Bedroom search

(Michael Nagle / For The Times)

ara will “alert” her handler, Rich Wilbert, when she picks up signs of bed bugs, which hide during the day in wall cracks,
behind light switches or in other dark places.


Mattress check

(Michael Nagle / For The Times)
Many pest control companies especially those that use bed-bug detection dogs are riding high despite the economic recession.


Signs of bed bugs

(Michael Nagle / For The Times)
Rich Wilbert points out evidence of bed bugs in an apartment in Jersey City, N.J.


Crib check

(Michael Nagle / For The Times)
Rich Wilbert searches for bed bugs with Sara in an apartment in Jersey City, N.J.

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