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Bed Bug Prep Service

Bed Bug Prep Service – Preparing your home or office is the first and most important step towards successfully combating bed bugs.  Action Pest Controls meticulous pre-treatment preparation service has proven to be a critical part of the bed bug eradication process in co-ops, condos, public housing, senior living facilities, businesses and hotels.

Action’s bed bug services rely on innovative, state of the art equipment in order to remove these pesky creatures from your home.  Our prep technicians use a HEPA certified vacuum, which is specifically structured to remove bugs from furniture, box springs and mattresses.  We will vacuum all pieces of property that are susceptible to bed bugs that may include picture frames or any other items showing signs of infestation.

Action’s bed bug treatment method involves the use of our highly effective steaming method.  Property that was vacuumed during the preparation process will then be steamed which is fatal to both bed bugs and their eggs.


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What do I have to do to ready my living space for preparation?

Bed bugs are incredibly well adapt at hiding, and they can embed themselves in your clothing and your portable items such as a suitcase or school back pack.  What does this mean for you?  It means you run the risk of transporting these bugs to other places or simply put, untreated clothing can harbor or protect bed bugs from treatment. Linens and clothing that you will not be using during the 7-10 days of our treatment process will be sealed away and inaccessible.  During the treatment process, we will be using Nuvan strip(s) which is a small vapor emitting device that kills all stages of bed bugs must be left undisturbed for at least a week in order to kill the egg stage.  The following checklist is provided as a guide for you to prepare your home for a successful preparation and treatment process.

Pack a weeks’ worth of clothing and linens (towels).  Part of our preparation method is eradicating bed bugs and eggs from your clothing/linens.  We do this by utilizing a closet in your home as a treatment zone, in some cases we may request an entire room depending on the scale of items needed to be treated.  In most cases, we will be removing the drawers from dressers and placing them (with their contents) in this treatment zone for 7-10 days.  The closet will be sealed and it is highly recommended that the process is not disturbed during that time.  With that in mind, by packing all the clothing and linens that you will need for 7-10 days is essential so you do not have to disturb the treatment zone.  It is strongly recommended that once items have been selected that you will need to run those items in a hot dryer for at least 20 minutes then transfer them to a rubber maid type container or sealed in bags that you can access during the treatment process.  Items that you keep out that are not put through a hot dryer may be harboring eggs and will re infest your home.

Bag your bedding and blankets!  Your bed(s) should be free and clear of all linens, sheets and blankets.  If you plan on using those items during the treatment process they should be in either the rubber maid container with your week’s worth of clothes or in a bag that is marked accordingly so we do not seal them into the closet or treatment zone.  You do not want to come home and find that you have no blankets or sheets to use and the items in the treatment zone will be sealed and in the treatment process.

Protect your valuables!  While Action pest control makes every effort to treat your items with the utmost care, please note that we are not responsible for lost, broken items.  Remember, all items that are on top of furniture that is to be treated such as a dresser or nightstand will be placed into one of the drawers and put into the sealed treatment zone for 7-10 days.  Do not leave out any money, gift cards, jewelry, or things you may need during the treatment process such as an electronic tablet, phone, alarm clock, etc.  If you have a valuable priceless heirloom, inspect it for signs of bed bugs and wrap it in bubble wrap.  We suggest using the kitchen as an area for staging items you need access to during the treatment process.

Electrical Outlets.  Unplug electrical devices in rooms that are to be treated such as living room and bedrooms.  Action will be removing the outlet covers in order to apply a dust product specifically created for bed bug eradication.  At the very least, be prepared that certain plugs may be unplugged during the process.

Tidy your living space.  Our treatment process is very thorough and labor intensive and involves technicians using equipment within your living space.  Please have your home in order and things put in place.  Not only does this make the job easier and more effective, it also insures that there is less of a chance of accidents, for example, a cup of juice left out on a coffee table that should have been emptied into the sink could easily be knocked over and spilt onto carpet causing a stain.

Removal of unwanted items.  Should you decide to remove furniture or a bed, etc, please do in a safe manner.  Wrap any unwanted items in plastic before removing to curb or trash area to prevent the spread of bed bugs to your neighbors.

Highly infested items.  Should you have a highly infested item such as a bookcase or roll top desk, Action can/will wrap this item in plastic and insert a Nuvan treatment strip.  Keep in mind that this item will be sealed for 7-10 days so keep out any important papers, items that you may need access to.

Pets.  Cats/dogs/birds are not allowed in home during the preparation or treatment process.  Fish/reptiles should also be removed if possible.  A fish tank that cannot be removed must be covered with plastic wrap after removing some water to allow for more oxygen space.  Turn off air filters for any tank during the treatment.

Contact Number.  It is advisable that you leave a contact number and your name with management so technicians can reach you during the time of preparation should they have any questions.

Tampering of sealed items or closet treatment zone.  Items that Action has placed in the sealed closet or treatment zone must be left undisturbed and has an active Nuvan strip emitting a vapor.  You are advised NOT to remove any items from this zone or sealed bags until your home has had the follow up treatment (7-10 days from initial treatment) and deemed bed bug free.  Upon Action’s return to perform the follow up treatment, should the sealed items/bags be tampered with and reintroduced into the treated unit you may be liable for a surcharge because the whole treatment process may have to be done all over again.  All sealed areas and bags will be tagged with instructions not to open.

What to expect after the treatment is complete and my home is declared bed bug free?

On the follow up visit and providing all the above steps were taken, we will most likely be able to give you the good news that your home is now bed bug free.  At this time we will open the closet/treatment zone and begin to remove the Nuvan strips.  Please note that if you are not present at time of this service the drawers to the dressers or night stand may not be placed in exact order where they were prior to treatment.  However we will make every effort to return your home to the way we found it…only now..bed bug free!!

Word of advice.

There is no doubt that having a bed bug infestation is emotional and unfortunately requires quite a bit of work to remedy.  Action Pest Control has been solving bed bug infestations for nearly a decade and one thing we can all agree on is that the success of the treatment depends on the level of preparedness.  Combining Action’s Preparation service and proven treatment methods along with following the guidelines in this packet will insure that your bed bug issue will soon be a closed chapter.  Like most things in life, do it right the first time and it is DONE.  Cut corners or skip steps and unfortunately, you may be dealing with this dilemma for some time as well as putting all those you come in contact with at risk.  Good luck and we look forward to declaring your home bed bug free!


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