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For Pennies on the Dollar compared to new siding – get rejuvenated siding

“Over the years the siding of my home became dull and dingy. We tried power washing but it did not bring back the original luster. We used Action’s Vinyl Rejuvenation service and it brought my siding back to life and I saved tens of thousands of dollars by not replacing it but Rejuvenating it!”

Bernadette Sclafani, Four Seasons Resident

Q:  What is Vinyl Rejuvenation?

A:  Rejuvenate Siding Restorer will instantly restore your siding to brand new.  It eliminates oxidation, restores shine and color, and protects from future fading with a UV inhibitor.

  • Vinyl siding can fade over time and Action’s Vinyl Rejuvenation can erase years of fading
  • Aluminum siding restoration is possible for pennies on the dollar compared to replacing your house siding with our color enhancing siding restorer





What About Faded Vinyl Shutters?

Renew Faded Shutters – Our service helps protect shutters from oxidation, fading, mold stains and mildew stains for up to 10 years!

Restored Vinyl Siding Improves Curb Appeal

The best way to restore faded vinyl and aluminum siding is with Action’s Vinyl Rejuvenation Service If your faded vinyl or aluminum siding is discolored, oxidized (chalky) or covered with mold, mildew, algae then Action will restore the color and luster and give your siding a factory new look.

Save Thousands of Dollars and Restore Faded Vinyl And Aluminum Siding

Over time the effects of weathering can greatly affect the beauty and integrity of your vinyl or aluminum siding. Not only does oxidation (the primary cause of loss of color) create faded vinyl siding that has lost its color and luster, but it aids in the breakdown of the vinyl itself, making your faded vinyl siding more brittle and easier to crack.

Q:  What are the Benefits of Restoring Faded Vinyl Siding?

A:  Restores Color and Luster of faded Vinyl Siding (and other surfaces too!)

  • Prevents Future Fading and Oxidation, lasts up to 10 years!!
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Forms a Clear, Protective Shield that won’t Crack, Peel or Discolor
  • Helps protect against UV Rays and Acid Rain and Resists Mold Mildew and Fungus stains for up to 10 years

Replace Vinyl Siding – 1750 Square foot home $10,500  – May fade in under 5 years

Paint Vinyl Siding – 1750 Square foot home = $3,525 – May Fade in as little as 3 Years

Restore with Action’s Vinyl Renu Service – 1750 Square foot home = Cheaper than painting – Beauty Lasts Up to a Decade

BOTTOM LINE: Vinyl Renu  Is Fast, Easy and Saves Money as it Reduces Landfill Waste!

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