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GREEN SOLUTION FOR TERMITE CONTROL – A Major Innovation in Termite Control



GREEN SOLUTION FOR TERMITE CONTROL – A Major Innovation in Termite Control

The active ingredient in Altriset® termiticide was formulated based on a naturally occurring compound found in the bark of a South American plant, Ryania speciosa. From this, scientists created a breakthrough termiticide that works unlike any other. When a professional applies Altriset, he or she only needs a low dose to control termites and ensure extended residual control.

Altriset protects your home by stopping further damage and fully controlling the termite infestation within three months. Altriset also provides long-lasting protection in surrounding soil to prevent future damage so you can live free from the worry of termites.

In fact, studies show that just one application of Altriset can fully protect your home from termites for years. 

Proven Results

Hundreds of laboratory and field studies conducted by independent scientists have proven that Altriset is an exceptional termiticide.

  • These studies show that termites acquire a debilitating dose of Altriset when they tunnel through a treated zone around your home.
  • They also demonstrate that Altriset increases termites’ socializing and grooming behavior. This means they spread Altriset to other termite colony members – and each group of exposed termites continues this process, eventually impacting the entire termite colony.

How is Altriset different from a termite bait?

As a liquid termiticide, Altriset® provides almost immediate and long-term residual control. Altriset is sprayed around the entire foundation of your home, making it nearly impossible for termites to avoid when foraging toward your home to feed. Once termites come in contact with Altriset, their mouthparts become paralyzed within hours, stopping them from causing destruction to your home. Because Altriset is easily shared among termite colony members, you can expect control within three months.

Rather than providing a continuous barrier around your home like liquid termiticides, baiting systems have gaps, which make it more likely that termites will miss the bait and find your home. Baiting systems rely on termites to find them and could take months for control to begin.

Give yourself peace of mind by using a liquid termiticide, such as Altriset, to provide your home constant protection against termites. Altriset ensures your home is termite-free.


Application and Results

Altriset® termiticide stops feeding within hours after application, and fully controls termite infestations within three months.

How Atriset is applied

Your termite professional will apply Altriset in a six-inch deep trench dug around the perimeter of your home. After this is covered with dirt, there will be no visible sign of treatment. Areas where concrete slabs are present, such as garages, porches and basements, may require drilling so the ground is accessible.

How Altriset Works

  • Foraging termites come into contact with Altriset because they cannot taste or smell it. These termites can walk through it, ingest it and carry it on their bodies.
  • Within hours, the mouths of exposed termites’ become paralyzed and they can no longer eat and destroy your home.
  • Exposed termites interact with other termites and quickly spread Altriset throughout the termite colony.
  • Over time, the termites become more lethargic. They show signs of muscle paralysis and then they die.
  • As a result, your home is termite-free within three months and fully protected.



It only takes two to three years to produce a termite swarm, which may consist of as many as 60,000 termites.1

Nature has made termites durable and hardy. They have survived millions of years by feeding on dead trees and other plant debris found on forest floors. That is invaluable for nature, but when termites look to your home for food, it can be devastating.

Termite queens generally live 15-to-20 years, while some live up to 50 years. If conditions are right, they will stay at your home and repeatedly reproduce. It only takes two to three years to produce a swarm, which may consist of as many as 60,000 termites.

At this size, a colony can devour a foot of 2×4 in only six months.2 And since termites often go undetected, entire support beams can be destroyed before they are discovered.

This is why it’s so important to know what to look for.

1 Potter, M. (2011). Handbook of pest control. (10th ed., pp. 300-301).

2 Michigan State University

How to Know if You Have Termites

Most termite species are subterranean, meaning they live underground. They like moisture and position themselves near or underneath a good food source, such as your home. Since they like to stay where it is dark and damp, it can be difficult to detect them. Here are some signs to look for:

Mud tubes

Mud tubes are the easiest sign to detect. These pencil-width paths lead from the nest directly into your home and make it easy for termites to avoid sunlight. Check for these in the surrounding land, in crawl spaces and in your basement.



Reproductive termites grow wings and fly during spring and fall. They will shed their wings, which you may see in piles in or around your home.

NOTE: Flying termites and flying ants are very similar in appearance. Call Action to correctly identify which insect you have.



Drywood termites, which do not require as much moisture to survive and will not be connected to the ground or soil like subterranean termites, leave sawdust-like piles around windowsills and cracks in woodwork or beams. You might also see what looks like collections of dirt at the base of walls and in corners.


Weakened wood

Long, thin cracks and sagging can be signs that wood has been hollowed out by termites.

NOTE: Holes in wood are not commonly caused by termites, and may be a sign of beetles or carpenter ants.


If you see any of the above signs, contact a Action immediately for an inspection. Early detection is the best way to protect your home from further damage.

John Russell – Altriset Testimonial Article

More benefits with Altriset® termiticide mean more business for Action Termite and Pest Control. 

John Russell, owner of Action Termite and Pest Control in the township of Toms River, N.J., wanted a product that could differentiate his business in the termite market. After trying Altriset® termiticide from Syngenta Professional Pest Management in 2012, he knew he had found a solution his customers would appreciate that could effectively remove the threat of termites from his customers’ properties.

“We totally switched our termite product to Altriset, and we wouldn’t have done that if we were having problems with retreats or had concerns that it wasn’t working,” Russell explains.

Impressive termite control for municipalities

In addition to treating homes, Russell has been trusted to protect important buildings in the township of Jackson, N.J. Russell and his technicians have used Altriset in several municipalities, including the library, police station and community center. Russell says the officials of the townships are impressed when he tells them what Altriset can provide for their properties.

“We explain that this product is proven to work, is eco-friendly and stops termite feeding within a few hours,” he explains. “We’ve actually gotten every job that we’ve dealt with in any municipality when we explain how Altriset is environmentally sound.”

Environmental profile adds confidence and convenience

Russell appreciates the excellent environmental profile of Altriset when used according to the label. Altriset also provides benefits for his technicians when they apply the product, which are different than other termiticides in the market.

“I like that there is minimal Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required on the Altriset label,” he says. “I have confidence in knowing that my technicians are less worried and still adequately protected.”

Fast action stops feeding, increases business

The unique mode of action in Altriset quickly stops structural damage by paralyzing the termites’ mouthparts, which halts feeding within hours of exposure. Exposure to Altriset increases aggregation within the termite colony and enables termites to share the product with other termites, leading to full-colony control within three months or less.

“When we tell our customers this product stops feeding within a few hours, it’s an easy way to surpass the competition and get more termite jobs,” Russell explains. “We definitely acquire more business with Altriset than without it.”

Trust in Syngenta

The support Russell receives from Syngenta, coupled with his continued success with the product, have helped reinforce his trust in Altriset.

“Altriset is a material that I am confident in when I am selling it to a customer,” he says. “I know I am giving them a product that will work, and that makes Altriset hands-down the product of choice for my company.”

For more information about Action Termite and Pest Control in Toms River, N.J., please visit www.actionpestcontrol.com.

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