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 NJ Raccoon Control by Action Termite and Pest Control

Wildlife Control & Removal NJ

Controlling raccoons near your home is important for several reasons:

  1. Property damage: Raccoons are notorious for causing damage to property. They are adept at tearing through roofing materials, vents, and screens to gain access to attics, crawl spaces, and chimneys. Once inside, they can destroy insulation, electrical wiring, and ductwork. Raccoons may also rummage through garbage cans and create a mess in your yard.
  2. Disease transmission: Raccoons can carry various diseases, including rabies, roundworm, and leptospirosis. If a raccoon bites a person or a pet, there is a risk of transmitting rabies, which is a serious and potentially fatal viral infection. Additionally, raccoon feces can contain parasites and bacteria that can pose health risks to humans and pets.
  3. Threat to pets: Raccoons can be territorial and may pose a threat to your pets. They can be aggressive when cornered or when protecting their young. Raccoons have sharp claws and teeth, and encounters with them can lead to injuries or fights with domestic animals.
  4. Nuisance behavior: Raccoons are intelligent and resourceful creatures, capable of creating a nuisance near your home. They can knock over trash cans, raid gardens, and create disturbances with their vocalizations and nocturnal activities. Raccoons can also invade bird feeders and damage birdhouses.
  5. Structural integrity: If raccoons establish a den inside your home, such as in the attic or chimney, their presence can compromise the structural integrity of the building. Their nesting activities, feces, and urine can cause odors, staining, and potential contamination.

To control raccoons near your home, it is advisable to take preventive measures such as securing garbage cans, sealing entry points, and removing potential food sources. If you suspect a raccoon infestation or encounter aggressive raccoons, contact Action Termite and Pest Control immediately so that can safely and humanely handle the situation.

Nuisance wildlife problems and animal control

Our certified exterminators are trained to remove wildlife from your property and prevent them from returning. We are fully committed to protecting your home and property in a safe and effective way. We also always guarantee your satisfaction and have been doing so in New Jersey since 1971.

Our professional pest removal exterminators will create a removal plan to rid your family of unwanted animals and prevent them from returning. Action Termite & Pest Control is available for any animal and wildlife control you might be experiencing.

Action Termite and Pest Control provides a humane removal of nuisance wildlife in New Jersey.  If you are having an issue with animal control in Ocean County, New Jersey, Action’s trained wild life experts will perform an inspection of your property,

provide wildlife removal and/or wildlife relocation, as well as, repair damage to structures and provide exclusion methods to prevent future wildlife nuisances.

Our Service Includes:

  • Same day service for immediate wildlife removal
  • Free inspection: homes, backyard, attic vents, chimneys, roofs and more
  • Expertise in indoor & outdoor animal control
  • Treatment plan provided to remove and prevent unwanted raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs & more

Humane Pest Control Options for the Control of Pesky Raccoons in NJ

  • Appearance: Raccoons are black and gray and known for the black “mask” over their eyes. They are very furry and have a ringed pattern on their tail. Fully grown, a raccoon can be about 2-3 feet in length.
  • Region: They are found in all regions of the U.S.
  • Habitat: Raccoons are common in forested areas with access to a water source, but they can also be found in fields near livestock watering areas. They build dens in a variety of places including hollow trees, ground burrows, brush piles, barns, haystacks or rock crevices
  • Threats: Raccoons are one of the major hosts of rabies in the U.S. They are especially a threat in areas where their populations are growing like the eastern part of the country. They are also known to raid garages and garbage cans left by the street in search of food. Damage to roofs and chimneys can be caused by raccoons searching for a place to build their den.
  • Unique fact: Raccoons are very intelligent and have a very highly developed sense of touch.
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