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Ear Wigs

Q:  What is an Earwig?

A:  Earwigs are slender insects that get their name from the old European myth that they crawl into people’s ears and tunnel into their brains while they are sleeping. While this superstition has no scientific backing, the pincers located on the back of an earwig’s abdomen are quite frightening to many people. There are more than 20 different earwig species occurring in the United States. Read on to learn about earwig control and how to get rid of earwigs.

Q:  What Do Earwigs Look Like?

A:  Earwigs range in size from ¼-1 inch long. They have elongated, flattened bodies that vary in color from pale brown with dark markings to reddish brown to black. Earwigs have six legs and threadlike antenna that measures about half of their body length. Most notably, however, are the pincers that protrude from the back of their abdomen. Earwigs also have two pairs of wings, with their hind wings usually folding underneath their front wings. These body parts typically have a leathery appearance to them. Not all earwig species fly, and those that do only do so in short bursts.

Q:  Do Earwigs Really Go in Your Ear?

A:  Contrary to European folklore, earwigs do not crawl into ears and eat peoples’ brains at night.

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