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Crawl Space Encapsulation


Q:  What causes mold?

A:  More than 50% of the air you breathe inside  your home rises directly from the crawl space.

High humidity in the soil and air releases destructive water vapor, which rises from the crawl space and into your entire home.  Additionally, most crawl spaces have vents which allow outside air into the space.  This air is damp and carries mold spores and musty odors, providing the perfect environment for insects and other pests, as well as wood rot.

Q:  How do I prevent mold in my home?

A:  Action Termite and Pest Control provides Crawl Space Encapsulation featuring WhiteCap.  WhiteCap is a durable, professional grade crawl space liner that serves as a vapor barrier system with poly-cord reinforcement and an anti-microbial additive manufactured right into the material.  WhiteCap encapsulates the crawl space, isolating the home from the damp earth to stop destructive moisture.  It protects you from water intrusion, mold, rodents, insects, wood rot and musty odors . . . providing a safe, clean space for storage.


  • Save 15% to 25% on your energy bills (gas and electric)
  • Claim a crawl space encapsulation system for an energy credit
  • When selling your home some of the appraisers who have [seen] the liner [in a home’s crawlspace], will give it a dollar value–a direct relation to the energy bill savings–and they’re giving $20 a square-foot value to it in some cases–which is a lot of money, considering it was just a dirt crawlspace.
  • A 70% reduction in insects
  • 25 year Warranty

Steps to a better crawl space and healthier environment:

Step 1: Fix the water leakage (if there is any) with a sump pump, liner, alarm and airtight lid.

Step 2: Isolate the house from the earth with a heavy 12 mil. Plastic that won’t rip or tear.

Step 3: Seal the vents and other outside air leaks with vent covers, access doors, and air sealing.

Step 4: “Condition” or dehumidify your crawl space air.

Q:  What is crawl space encapsulation?

A: Crawl space encapsulation is when a barrier is installed in your crawl space, like WhiteCap, over the dirt crawl space floor, walls and vents. The encapsulation process keeps water from entering the crawl space and is a proven method for keeping bugs out of your crawl space while saving you money on energy bills.

Q:  Will crawl space encapsulation lower my energy costs?

A: Yes, crawl space insulation, aka encapsulation, will help lower energy costs. Encapsulating your crawl space can save you up to 15-25% in energy costs.

As you know, it costs a lot more to cool your home on a humid day. The same rule applies to a humid crawl space. Since your encapsulated crawl space will no longer have moisture, which will rise through your home, your home will remain more comfortable without having to crank up your HVAC system. Saving you money!

Q:  Why is my crawl space door so important?

A: If you encapsulate your crawl space and don’t replace your crawl space door you could be letting unwanted moisture into the crawl space. Just like your crawl space vents the loose or open doors can create humidity and moisture problems.

A water tight seal on your crawl space door is important: it keeps moisture and unwanted pests out of your crawl space. If you spend the money to encapsulate your crawl space, keep it clean by installing water tight doors. Remember, the waterproofing and encapsulation system is only as good as its parts.

Can we claim a crawl space encapsulation system for an energy credit?

A: Yes, if the system’s purpose is to improve your home’s heating and cooling efficiency.



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