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Spotted Lanternfly

Invasive Pest Alert 

First reported in Pennsylvania in 2014, Spotted Lanternflies are now found in New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. These pests pose a significant threat to the grape, fruit tree, and logging industries as they feed on the sap within many trees and plants. They are also known to lay egg masses on trees, rocks and outdoor furniture. If you find egg masses around your home, scrape them off and place them in a double bag before disposing of them in the trash.

Areas affected by spotted lanternfly populations are currently working to stop the spread and damage caused by this invasive pest. Fourteen counties throughout southeastern Pennsylvania are currently under quarantine, put in place by the PA Department of Agriculture to regulate the movement of plants and other items spotted lanternflies can be hosting on, in and out of the quarantined areas. They are also routinely removing spotted lanternflies’ favorite host, the treeofheaven.

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