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Home Service Plan

Action’s Home Service Program

Action Termite and Pest Control’s Home Service is designed to make your home free of bugs and pests by creating a barrier around your home.  Unfortunately, your home is susceptible to being invaded by disease and germ carrying pests and rodents.  With our Home Service Program, Action will come out to your home once every 3 months.  We treat the baseboards to the interior of the home and then we treat the exterior foundation.  This includes lower level doors and windows.


Initial Application

 This service is designed to control your immediate insect or rodent problem and we provide a  warranty from the date of the initial treatment.  Should the insect or rodent problem continue 10 days after treatment, Action will render an additional service free of charge.


Home Service Program

This yearly service provides (4) seasonal treatments to the interior and exterior of your home.  There is no charge for in-between services.  The following infestations are covered:  Roaches, Mice Rats, Bees, (excluding Honey Bees), Wasps, Carpet Beetles, Silver fish, Ticks, Pavement Ants, Spiders, Earwigs, Millipedes, Centipedes, Crickets, Ground Beetles, and Food Infesting Insects.


Home Service V.I.P. Program

This plan includes the insects mentioned above plus: Fleas, Spidermites Springtails, Clovermites.


Fly Control V.I.P. Program

With population growth and storage of robo cans in garages or near the home, Fly pressure has increased.  We now can treat and warranty your home for Flies.  Action will install __ Fly Bait Stations at the exterior of your home.  We will then bait the stations and treat or bait around the exterior of the home.  We will treat by all robo can / garbage storage areas, including the interior of the garage.  We then treat specific areas in the kitchen so that any rogue fly that has entered the home has no chance of long term survival.  All materials attract and then kill the flies so the areas treated are away from the entrances of the home.  Fly control material lasts 30 to 90 days depending on the weather.


Hibernating Pest Program

This service is designed to control Stink Bugs / Ladybird Beetles (Lady Bugs), Cluster Flies and Boxelder bugs.  These insects overwinter in the cracks and crevices of the exterior of your home in late August through early September.  Then in late winter early spring the sun warms up the building and wakes up these bugs,  but it is too cold for them to go outside so the infest the interior especially around windows and bright areas of the home.

In order to control these insect you have to have the Home Service V.I.P. program.  We also need to treat the entire exterior of the home in late August early September.  The roofline, windows, foundation, eves, and corners of the house basically anywhere these insects can fit we need to treat.  We also then hang Nuvan Strips in your attic these strips slowly emit vapors that work for 4 months which continually kills many types of insects from hibernating pests to general household pests listed in our plans above.  The exterior treatment must be done each year in late August thru Late September,


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