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No one wants their country invaded by a foreign enemy. On a much smaller scale, uninvited guests in your home with four or more legs can be just as intrusive! Action Termite and Pest Controlwith thousands of customers in Middlesex County, has what it takes to keep unwanted vermin from overrunning your residence.

Action Termite and Pest Control is a family-owned business. Vice President Mike Russell and the Russell Family have been exterminating pests from homes since 1971, when Mike’s dad started the enterprise. With over 40 years in commercial and residential pest control, along with unique entrepreneurial marketing expertise, the Russell Family now owns two New Jersey sites: one at 1913 Hooper Avenue in Toms River, the other at 136 Highway 35 in Red Bank.


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With a very satisfied clientele numbering around 700 people on a weekly basis, Action Termite and Pest Control labors hard and long to make customers feel confident that their homes are completely clean. The company is best known for its expertise in killing the dreaded bed-bug, and have even specially trained canines that sniff the unwanted creatures out! Of their use of “man’s best friend” in this part of the business, Russell states: “Chemicals don’t kill bed bug eggs, and freezing them is not very effective. Humans are about 30% effective in detecting bed bugs, but dogs have a success rate of up to 98%!”

Action Termite and Pest Control has seen an increase in their business, in spite of a shaky American economy. Russell believes this is due to the company’s ability in putting each customer at ease, that their homes are clean, pest-free, and that their “pesky problems” are resolved. The company has received much positive press for its great reputation by way of press releases, social media email campaigns, and various on-line newspapers. Future plans of expansion even include branching out into other areas such as turf and mold remediation.

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Don’t let unwanted vermin “bug” you to death…call on Action Termite and Pest Control today!

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