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MOSQUITO SEASON IS NEAR – Action is a licensed Mosquito Control Company that has been featured on the Today Show, Animal Planet, and the Los Angeles Times.

Did you know?   Action Termite and Pest Control offers a Bee Friendly Mosquito Control Program that is truly effective and good for the environment.  This is an important program that controls mosquitos but will not harm helpful bee populations.

We use the latest technology and chemicals to provide you with a superior mosquito control solution.  Our friendly technician will perform an exterior fogging to your yard. Treatment areas will include the limbs of shade trees, flower beds, shrubs, tall grass and shaded areas around buildings where mosquitoes congregate. These areas are treated with an approved Adulticide to control your existing infestation. Any areas that contain standing water will be treated by the dispersing of a larvacide granular.

Action’s Mosquito Control is an effective way to reduce the mosquito population around your home or office.  Action uses a variety of methods to ensure the best possible results including:  Larvacides, Adulticides, Source Reduction, Biological Controls, and Barrier Treatments.

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Termite Control in Middletown, NJ

New Jersey Termite Control

Termite Control, Termite Inspections, Termite Certifications, & Termite Damage Repair for over 40 years by Action Termite and Pest Control.

Subterranean termite control in New Jersey involves placing a barrier around your home. When it comes to gaining access to your home, termites are amazingly proficient. The last thing you want to do is make their job easier. Fortunately, the steps below will help you prevent termites from becoming a problem in the first place, or help keep them from coming back after a Termidor Certified Professional like Action Termite & Pest Control, has gotten rid of them for you.


Action Termite and Pest Control has been delivering superior Termite Control Services since 1971. Action utilizes the latest technology and chemical applications to eliminate termites from your environment.

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