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Corona Virus Update

As we continue to monitor the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) we recognize that our commitments to our customers, our employees, and our communities move front and center. Our priorities at this time of uncertainty are: to keep our employees safe, to serve our customers, and to be a responsible member of our community.

These are unprecedented times and as an essential service company  it is even more important now than ever that we continue to provide the best customer service experience we can.  Keep in mind Action continues to employ our staff in this time of crisis and it is very important that our customers understand that we continue to need their support by continuing their regular service.  All of our service technicians have been educated and are continuing to maintain the CDC recommended requirements to service our customers in the safest possible way.  Each of our technicians are given the proper gear, including masks, gloves and are required to change out of these items after each service.  Your safety and as the guardians of your environment is our primary focus.

For our home service customers we will be providing an exterior protection only, unless you request an inside treatment.  This will prevent pests from entering.  We will be utilizing bait and spraying to maintain a pest free environment for your home.  As always, we will continue to guarantee our service and as so we will continue to bill at our normal rate with no increases.  Additionally, we are directing our service technicians to maintain a safe distance also known as social distancing for our customers.  This way we can maximize results and protect you our valued customers.

Please know that we are here for you. Our Staff is doing what we normally do every day including answering the phones, serving our customers and ensuring a safe environment.  We know we exist because of and for you—this is not lost on us.

We recognize that as uncertainty has begun in certain industries and parts of the world that the importance of your pest control is very important to you.  If there is something we can offer to support you,  please do not hesitate to call on us – we are willing and ready to assist you.

What is Action doing to ensure a safe environment and combating the spreading of the coronavirus?

  • Increasing the thoroughness of cleaning and sanitizing procedures throughout Action’s Vehicles and Equipment.
  • Disinfecting all common surfaces more frequently.
  • Hand sanitizers and/or the washing of hands after every service by our technicians
  • All Technicians will also be wearing gloves during any service and after each service will change into new gear to maintain a healthy experience for you
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