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Mold Control

Mold Control in NJ

Q:  What is mold control?

A:  Mold growth can be a serious problem, nevertheless, Action’s Mold Removal Professionals can restore your home or business to a healthy condition and provide your environment with a mold free solution. An on-site mold inspections is highly recommended to determine the severity of your mold problem. Action’s Certified Mold Inspectors are here to help you find the right, cost effective solution to your Mold Removal and Remediation needs.

Flood Cleanup

Mold growth in your home or business may be a problem after flooding. Excess moisture due to flooding is cause for concern about indoor air quality because it provides breeding conditions for microorganisms and mold.

Health and Mold

Q:  How do molds affect people?

A:  Some people are sensitive to molds. For these people, exposure to molds can cause symptoms such as nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, or skin irritation. Some people, such as those with serious allergies to molds, may have more severe reactions. Severe reactions may occur among workers exposed to large amounts of molds in occupational settings, such as farmers working around moldy hay. Severe reactions may include fever and shortness of breath. Some people with chronic lung illnesses, such as obstructive lung disease, may develop mold infections in their lungs.

A major concern associated with exposure to mold is allergic reactions, which range from rhinitis, nasal congestion, conjunctival inflammation, and urticaria to asthma.


Bora-Care/Mold Care Treatment

A Bora-Care with Mold-Care treatment is a one-time preventative application that can be completed either during renovation phase or applied post-construction in high-risk areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and crawl spaces. Action will treat all floor joists, box beams, main beams and subfloor in the crawlspace with Mold Care. This product has been proven to kill current mold and prevent future mold for up to 25 years. Action will warranty the home against Mold to only the areas treated with the product. Bora-Care with Mold-Care acts as a mold and fungal decay preventative against the damaging effects of water and the conditions that promote bora-careinsect infestation.

Apply to whole house or high-risk areas.

Q:  What is Mold Damage Removal?

A:  Mold growth can be a serious problem, nevertheless, Action’s Mold Removal Professionals can restore your home or business to a healthy condition and provide your environment with a mold free solution. Mold in or under carpets typically requires that the carpets be removed. Once mold starts to grow in insulation or wallboard, the only way to deal with the problem is by removal and replacement. In areas where flooding has occurred, prompt drying out of materials and cleaning of walls and other flood-damaged items with commercial products is necessary.
How do you keep mold out of buildings and homes?

As part of routine building maintenance, buildings should be inspected for evidence of water damage and visible mold. The conditions causing mold (such as water leaks, condensation, infiltration, or flooding) should be corrected to prevent mold from growing.

Specific Recommendations :

· Keep humidity levels as low as you can—no higher than 50%–all day long. An air conditioner or dehumidifier will help you keep the level low. Bear in mind that humidity levels change over the course of a day with changes in the moisture in the air and the air temperature, so you will need to check the humidity levels more than once a day.
· Use air conditioner or a dehumidifier during humid months.
· Be sure the home has adequate ventilation, including exhaust fans in kitchen and bathrooms.
· Use mold inhibitors which can be added to paints.
· Clean bathroom with mold-killing products.
· Do not carpet bathrooms.
· Remove and replace flooded carpets.


Termite Control

Termite Control As an added benefit to our customers, Action offers a free termite inspection for termite control for New Jersey Residents. Without the right termite exterminator, termites in New Jersey can cause a significant amount of damage to your home or office. With over 40 years of providing customer service, Action offers reasonable rates for service and professional technicians. Action delivers prompt and cost effective solutions for New Jersey Pest Infestations. Action Exterminators utilize the latest technology and pesticides to eliminate pests. Protecting your environment is our first priority.


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